Does Aliens exist? First possible radio signal from exoplanet

Does Aliens exist: Researchers are always searching for life on other planets. For that they keeps sending radio signals from Earth to space, and also keeps looking for possible signals from outer space.

Does Aliens exist

But maybe now this wait is coming to an end. Because of the recent extensive research, the researchers have found something. For the first time in history, researchers have received a possible radio signal from planet out of our solar system.

Does Aliens Exist?

For centuries, humans believe that in this whole world, life exists only on earth. But many people also believe that life can exist on other exoplanets. Does aliens exist or not? This question have always been a puzzle.

But possibly soon we are going to get an answer to this question, because for the first time in history researchers have received a possible radio signal from an exoplanet system.

It is believed that this possible radio signal is being received from exoplanetary system which is 51 light years away. Researchers are being told about the emissions in the 'Tau Boötes Star System'.

Some researchers at Coronal University of US found out about these emission bursts by using a radio telescope in the Netherlands called Low Frequency Array i.e. LOFAR.

Researchers have found some more possible radio signals from the Cancer and Upsilon Andromeda systems, but among all radio signals, the radio signal of the "Tau Boötes star system" has a significant radio signature on the planet's magnetic field.

"We present one of the first hints to detect an exoplanet in the radio realm," said Cornell postdoctoral researcher Jake D. Turner.

Jake D. Turner also stated, "The signal is from the Tau Boötes star system, which have a binary star system and an exoplanet. We make the case for an emissions by the planet itself."

If this possible radio signal is in reality a radio signal sent by aliens, it will open new doorways for the research of the world of aliens.

Conclusion: I personally believe that the world is infinite, and in this infinite world there may be many planets like earth on which aliens can exist.

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