What is Carbon Capture Technology?

Carbon Capture Technology includes designing and building machines which will be used for capturing carbon from the atmosphere to reduce its amount and adverse effects from the environment.

Carbon Capture Technology

Each year we humans put about 50 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Which is one of the biggest reason of climate change. 

This carbon dioxide can be reduced if there are enough number of trees present on earth. But for comfort we humans are cutting trees and reducing the overall amount of trees.

This is the main reason for global warming and increased pollution on our planet earth. If we want to save our planet, we have to respond to climate change and start working on removal of carbon from earth's atmosphere.

For that purpose, carbon capture technology is very important to capture the carbon from atmosphere and reduce its impact on environment.

There are two main methods we can build carbon capture technology:
  1. Natural Methods
  2. Technological Methods

1. Natural Methods For Carbon Capture

Natural methods include planting trees, reforestation, tree replantation and changing farm practices.

2. Technological Methods For Carbon Capture

Technological methods for carbon capture includes building huge air capture machines, air filters and air filtering devices to capture carbon out of atmosphere.

How Carbon Capture Technology Works

Currently best carbon capture technology is direct air capture technique. This technique is as simple as it sounds. In this technique, air is directly captured in machines with the help of exhaust like fans and air filters.

direct air capture technique

The process of capturing carbon dioxide consists of four steps.

1. Pulling Air via Fan

In this step, the polluted air in atmosphere is pulled into machine with the help of a big fan and sent to the chemical treated air filter.

2. Passing Air Through Chemical Treated Filters

As air passes through this chemical treated air filter, it captures around 80% of the carbon dioxide from the air and the output is carbon dioxide rich solution.

3. Converting Carbon Dioxide Rich Solution Into Solid Calcium Carbonate Pellets

This carbon dioxide rich solution is then converted into solid calcium carbonate pellets to store or use them as per need.

4. Storage and Usage of Calcium Carbonate Pellets

Now those calcium carbonate pellets can be stored, buried or used to make a fuel for vehicles. Fuel can be made by combining carbon dioxide with hydrogen. 

This fuel will be carbon neutral as it will create a cycle. You will burn this fuel and it will produce carbon dioxide, then this carbon dioxide is captured and used to create that fuel. 

By that way we will not be increasing amount of carbon into the atmosphere.

Conclusion: Carbon Capture Technology is at its beginning stage and getting improved day by day. We must focus on technologies which will be helpful to improve and protect our environment.

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