5 Easy Steps To Create Free Website on Blogger

Blogger is one of the best blogging platform provided by Google. If you are passionate about blogging and want to create your free website on blogger then this post is for you.

Create Free Website on Blogger

To create free website on blogger you must have a google account. If you do not have a google account, then you must create one before starting to create your blogger website.

After you are ready to create your blogger website, you have to visit "" and then click on "Create your blog" button to start creating your blog or website.

Here are 5 easy steps to create your blogger website effortlessly.

1. Register on Blogger

Step 1: Register on Blogger

As you have previously created your google account,  you can just login with your google account to register on blogger.

After entering your credentials and signing in with your google account on, you can now select your blogger website name.

2. Select Blogger Website Name

Step 2: Select Blogger Website Name

After logging in to your blogger account, you have to click on "New Blog" tab available on upper left side of blogger interface.

Then you will be prompted to choose a name for your blog. Here you have to choose a desired name for your blog or website as shown in above image.

After choosing a name for your blog, now you have to click on 'next' button present at the lower right side of prompting window.

3. Select Blogger Website Address

Step 3: Select Blogger Website Address

Now you have to choose a URL address for your website where your website will be accessible to people over internet.

Here you can only choose web addresses which are not yet used by anyone else, which means you can only use available web addresses.

While choosing a website address for your website, keep in mind that people will visit your website by entering this address into their browser. So it must be easy to remember for general person.

Note: Selected web address will be a subdomain of blogger with extension If you want you can change it by connecting custom domain explained in step 5.

4. Selecting Attractive Theme

Step 4: Selecting Attractive Theme

Now you created your website on blogger, but is it looking good? Will your website visitors be happy with the interface of your website?

Every website is different and its interface must be suitable to that website. For that you must select a correct theme which will look attractive on your website. As well as your website visitors will be comfortable with the interface of your website.

Blogger have collection of inbuilt themes which are easy to select. You can select any theme available in theme section of blogger. 

But if you don't like any theme available on blogger, you can get themes from 3rd party websites and install on your blogger website.

Installing/Uploading External Theme in Blogger

To install external theme on your blogger website, you have to download themes available on internet. Some themes are free and some are paid.

Installing/Uploading External Theme in Blogger

After selecting and downloading your theme, you now have to upload a theme by clicking on arrow beside "Customize" button, now you have to click on "Restore" option present in Customize section. As shown in image above.

When clicking on "Restore", you will be prompted to upload your theme file which will be a file with '.xml' extension. Once you upload your theme file, your theme will be installed and your website will now have a new interface.

5. Connecting Custom Domain

Step 5: Connecting Custom Domain

If you do not want to use your blogger website with a blogger provided subdomain, you can connect a custom top level domain to your blogger website.

To connect your custom domain to your blogger website, you have to go to "settings" in your blogger account and click on "custom domain" as shown in above image.

After clicking on "custom domain" it will prompt a window to add your custom domain. While adding your custom domain, remember to add 'www' before your domain name.

Blogger does not allow you to add a naked domain, that's why you have to enter your domain name as "" format and then click on 'save'.

Once you click on save it will give you some DNS setting instructions to connect your blogger website with your domain name provider. Follow these DNS setting instructions for blogger to connect custom domain to your blogger website.

Conclusion: I believe blogger is the best platform if you want to create a free website for blogging or official use. What do you think about it? Let me know by commenting below.

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