What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a way of promoting services and/or products in electronic platforms such as social media websites, educational/informational websites, online videos, online searches, software, applications, etc.

What is Digital Marketing

As use of internet is growing day by day all over the world, people are using online mediums to find products and services. So it is best for any company, seller or marketer to market their product on these online mediums. 

Types of Digital Marketing

There are 7 types of doing digital marketing which are as follows:
  1. Free Search (With SEO)
  2. Paid Search (With Ads)
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Email marketing
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Web marketing (Advertising)
  7. Affiliate Programs

1. Free search (With SEO)

Digital Marketing Type 1: Free search (With SEO)

Free search is best way of getting traffic to your website, video or product web page. People usually search for whatever they need on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Those search engines serve them most relevant result according to their search term. As people mainly selects one of those top 3 search results and ignore rest of them, most of traffic goes to those top ranking websites.

Sometimes if there is a paid search ad campaign running on similar keyword or search term as your website keyword or search term, then top 3 positions will be allotted to those search ad results and main results will be at 4th, 5th and 6th positions. 

So it is always best to be able to get your website at those top 3 search results, but how can you do that? You can do that with SEO.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization  is a way of optimizing your website or post as per search engine. There is a proper way of doing SEO of any website.

2. Paid Search (With Ads)

Digital Marketing Type 2: Paid Search (With Ads)

Paid Search is a way of getting traffic to your website, video or product page by paying money to ad networks. As people always prefer to top 3 search results of search engines, now search engines runs ads on those top 3 positions for specific search term.

If you search any product on google, you will see top 3 results of that product with 'Ad' written beside those results. Those are paid search products.

If you don't know how to do SEO or you don't want to wait till SEO ranks your website, then this is for you. You can run google ad campaign for search network to get your website at one of top 3 positions of search results.

This ad campaign will run for your decided specific set of search keywords. Whenever someone search those keywords, your website will be shown on 1 of top 3 search results of search engine with "Ad" written on them. You will be charged a specific amount of money whenever someone clicks that search result ad.

3. Content Marketing

Digital Marketing Type 3: Content Marketing

Content marketing is a way of creating content for big amount of people and getting traffic to a website. Content can be blog post or video and influencing, which may encourage people to consider a specific brand or product.

Such contents are marketed using social media networks to get as much traffic as it can and influencing as much people as it can. Sometimes it is just about getting traffic and not about any brand or product.

Marketers usually create content just to reach good amount of people and after getting enough traffic to their website they use this traffic as they want.

Content marketing is always done by digital marketing agencies to reach as many people as they can. They have big network of websites, where they publish interesting content on daily basis.

Those websites act as their influencing network and help them to promote any brand or products to people visiting to their websites.

4. Email Marketing

Digital Marketing Type 4: Email Marketing

Every digital marketing agency have a network of websites where they market their content or product. Those websites have a email subscription button by which only interested people subscribes.

This subscription is for specific  website niche (Category), which makes this list so much effective to market product of specific category.

Digital marketing agencies makes lists of those emails as per their website niche and build good amount of audience. Now as agencies have email lists of people with different interest, they can market any product to people as per their interest. 

They keep sending emails to those lists with bulk email senders and reach tremendous amount of interested people instantly.

Each list can be of 1,000 to 1,00,000 email subscribers which gives digital marketer easy reach to those subscribers.

5. Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing Type 5: Social Media Marketing

This world is now connected more than ever and this is just because of social media websites. Maximum people with internet access are on social media websites like Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Those websites are like a digital world of people, where people gather together, exchange information and influence others by sharing their views. Because of this, social media marketing have tremendous opportunities to market any product or service to large amount of people.

Social media marketing is a way of marketing any product or service to the people who are on social media websites. You may have seen videos and posts referring you to a specific product or service, those products or services are being marketed by social media marketers.

Social media marketing can be paid or free depending on audience you have on your social media platforms. Some people have good amount of audience to their social media websites like YouTube or Instagram by which they can market any product or service free of cost.

But this is not always possible to have that much audience to your social media platform, so people prefer paid social media marketing by running ads provided by corresponding social media sites.

6. Web Marketing (Advertising)

Digital Marketing Type 6: Web Marketing (Advertising)

Web marketing is mainly paid marketing. It is a way of marketing your products or services on internet by running ads about it on related websites. Related websites are those websites which are of same category or related to category of your product or service.

Web marketing can be referred as advertising as its mostly done by running ads. You may have seen ads on news websites, hobby blogs, educational blogs or articles, those ads are ran by companies to market their product or service.

Web marketing can be done by category of product or service as well as region it is available. Let say you are only serving in specific city or state, then you can market your product at that specific web area.

This means those web ads will only be shown to people living in that specific area as well as have interest in your decided category of product or service. Web marketing is always done by digital marketers to reach every website readers and visitors in specific area.

Web marketing can be done by running paid display ads with ad networks like Google ads,, Pop ads, etc.

7. Affiliate Programs

Digital Marketing Type 7: Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are most effective way to market any product within a small amount of time. Many companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. are running their affiliate program to market their products.

Affiliate program is a way of marketing any product by giving its marketer specific percentage of profit. Because of this companies does not have to advertise or market their products by themselves as well as they do not have to pay marketer unless he actually sell a product.

Affiliate program creates win win situation for the company as well as marketer as he gets commission for every sale.

The marketer who helps companies to sell a product for some percent of profit, is considered as affiliate associate. Every growing company selling physical and digital products have their own affiliate program as well as their own decided profit percent for their affiliate associate.

Maximum affiliate programs are free to join, which means anyone can join and refer their products to earn money from them. This give a big opportunity to earn money, and many people are earning by this way.

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