New Search Engine 'Neeva' Is Being Ready To Roll Out

Neeva is a search engine which is being ready to rollout in next 4 to 5 months. This search engine is claimed to be an ad-free search engine.

Search Engine 'Neeva'

What is a Search Engine?

Every internet user knows about Google which is most loved search engine worldwide. But do you know what is search engine?

There are millions of websites worldwide which provides trillions of results about your queries. It is easier to reach to a website if you know its web address. But what if you wish to search about your desired query and don't know on which website its answer will be available?

In that case you have to search your query in multiple websites and this process will be time consuming as well as there is no guarantee that you will find your desired result.

To solve this problem, there are search engines which collects information about every article and website on the internet and index them as per the query or keyword. 

These results are indexed on basis of their quality to provide best results to the person searching about their desired keyword on that search engine.

Why Neeva is being launched?

IIT alumni and former google executives Sridhar Ramaswamy and Vivek Raghunathan thought that advertise showing product serves the company which shows advertise and not to general people.

With this thought they started to build a private search engine which will be an ad free search engine. If you want, you can visit that search engine via link below.
Sridhar Ramaswamy who is also Chief Executive Officer of Neeva said on a video call that, "The ad model has been great for bringing search to everyone on the planet, but over time, there is more and more pressure to show more ads and not really what the user wants. Our thesis is that we can create a much better search product, focusing solely on what a customer needs."

Sridhar Ramaswamy and Vivek Raghunathan both have experiences in search field. Sridhar Ramaswamy worked as the senior vice-president of ads and commerce at Google.

And Vivek Raghunathan worked as a vice-president of Monetization at YouTube as well as he worked as first tech lead of Google Assistant.

Rollout of Neeva

It is said that neeva will be rolled out within next 4-5 months with 45 person team in United States. This search engine will first be rolled out in United States and then other English speaking countries like Western Europe, Australia and India.

Ramaswamy said that this search engine will be different than what people are using now. He also said that "We have to rethink the core technology. And at some level, things like how you crawl the web, how you index the basics are similar."

On personal data protection Ramaswamy said that, "We guarantee that the product and company are designed so that personal data is indexed to serve your results, and for nothing else. We are creating a company that, from the beginning, is customer first and customer only. We are very adamant about making sure that this is the one and only revenue source."

As per blog of Neeva it is stated that the search engine will be ad free and your personal data will never be sold by any means. They also promised that your search history will be automatically deleted after 90 days which is 18 months for google.

Will Neeva be Free or Paid?

Most of search engine companies make money from the ads they show on their search engine results. As Neeva is going to be an ad free search engine, it will possibly charge its users at monthly basis.

While on video call Ramaswamy also said, "We feel confident that a certain segment of the population will see value in a superior product. And especially in the current environment of worry, about how large and how influential the tech companies are, we feel we can get enough people who say ‘I just want a simple alternative, a service that I use, that I pay’. And that’s it, there’s no more worry about data, there’s no more worry about what else is going on."

Neeva is not yet launched and haven't revealed about how they will charge for their services. It can be on monthly basis or can be on yearly basis. It will all be clear after launch of Neeva.

Conclusion: I am personally happy with google search engine, but there are many people who wants to use ad-free products for them. Would you like to pay for search engines like Neeva to get ad-free search experience? Tell me by commenting below.

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