What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is a way of understanding algorithm of search engine and making your post/website as per that algorithm, so that it will be ranked in top 3 positions on that search engine. This is often done by digital marketers to do digital marketing of their products.

Search Engine Optimization

While searching products or services on internet, people mainly search what they need on search engines such as GoogleYahooBing, etc. Those search engines shows them most relevant results as per their search term.

To give most relevant result, search engines have their own algorithms which checks websites authenticity, traffic, relevancy, etc. with entered keywords and ranks them as per their authenticity, traffic, relevancy with entered keywords.

The most relevant and authentic website is ranked on top position, and other websites depending on their authenticity and relevancy are ranked from '2nd' to 'Nth' position.

As per general human tendency, people always prefer to top 3 search result and neglect other results after those results. Understanding this algorithm of search engine can help you to take your website at those top 3 positions of search engine for specific search term.

In past years it was easy to tackle the algorithm of search engine and give your post any of those top 3 positions on search engine. But as increase in websites ,web developers, and bloggers everyone is trying to rank their post on top 3 positions.

Because of this, search engines are continuously updating their algorithm and making them hard to understand. As search engine algorithms are now hard to understand it is also hard to rank your post, but it is completely possible to rank your post on top 3 positions of search engines.

There are 3 ways to perform SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which are:
  1. White hat SEO
  2. Grey hat SEO
  3. Black hat SEO

In between these 3 ways of SEO, only white-hat SEO is legal way and other two ways are not legal at all.

The posts, websites or blogs ranked with grey hat or black hat SEO can only be ranked for 1 or 2 weeks and then blocked or outranked by search engine itself. So it is always better to rank your post by white-hat SEO, but still we will learn about all 3 ways of SEO and when they are used.

Ways of SEO

1. White hat SEO

White hat SEO is a way of ranking your website or post on search engine by performing every task that comforts your website readers as well as fulfills everything needed by search engine itself.

White hat SEO is most efficient way to rank your post by making your post by reader friendly and using search keywords only where they are needed. White hat SEO takes time to rank your post as compare to grey and black hat SEO, but keeps it ranked for so much longer time.

There are two ways to perform white hat SEO:

1. On Page White hat SEO: 

On page SEO is performing SEO while writing the post. While writing post you can add correct search keywords in your post in such a way that it doesn't loose its readability. Following points can help you to do white hat on page SEO.
  • Using Search keywords in post title.
  • Using Search keywords post description.
  • Using Search keywords in your post  minimum 5 to maximum 8 times depending on size of your post.
  • Writing post more than 1000 words at least.

2. Off Page White hat SEO: 

Search engines doesn't only check website content but also checks if other websites are referring or recommending that site, because of this Off page SEO is done. Following points can help you to do off page SEO:
  • Writing a guest post on other websites related to your post and leaving your post link in that guest post.
  • Adding your website to google search console.
  • Providing Sitemap in search console.

2. Grey Hat SEO

Grey hat SEO is mainly done by many website owners in order to rank their website quickly. This way have a risk of getting your website banned on that search engine. Grey hat SEO is a way of writing your website post by thinking about just keywords and keeping OK readability of your post.

Using excessive but not so much keywords in your post to confuse search engine. In this way of SEO the post writer focuses on search engine as well as on readers or readability of that post.

Grey hat SEO is also performed by following two ways:

1. On Page Grey Hat SEO: 

On page SEO of grey hat SEO is done by writing a post for user or reader as well as search engine. This post includes keywords which are used to confuse search engines to believe that the post is most relevant to the entered keyword. Following points shows tasks performed in grey hat SEO:
  • Using Search Keyword in post title and description even if it is not relevant.
  • Using Search Keyword in post 10 to 15 times per 1000 words

2. Off Page Grey Hat SEO: 

Off Page SEO is mainly done in grey hat SEO to confuse search engine that the website is been refereed and recommended by other websites.

Building back links is done in grey hat SEO, which includes link building, directory submission, guest posting, etc. comes under grey hat SEO.

3. Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO is mostly done by event bloggers who wants their site to be ranked only for 1 or 2 weeks. They doesn't care even if their website gets banned after that time.

This is an illegal way to rank your website or post on search engine. Black hat SEO is done by using search keywords everywhere in post losing complete readability of  that post.

The post written for black hat SEO is only stuffed with search keywords to fool or confuse search engine that it is most relevant post for that keyword. In this way of SEO the post writer only focuses on search engine and not on readability of the post.

On page and off page SEO of black hat SEO is done as follows:

1. On Page Black Hat SEO: 

On page SEO of black hat SEO is done by writing a post only for confusing or fooling search engine and not for readers.

It includes keywords stuffing, cloaking, etc. which leads into post being ranked instantly, but as there is no readability in post, readers don't stay on post and search engine found it to be fake by which website gets blocked on that search engine.

Following points shows points followed in black hat SEO:
  • Using Search keywords everywhere possible.
  • Using Search keywords in a post 150 to 300 times per 1000 words
  • Sometimes Using Only keywords in whole post

2. Off Page Black Hat SEO:

Off page SEO of black hat SEO is mostly done by link building, spamming, using private link network, link commenting, directory submission, etc. By these ways links are build in black hat SEO which makes search engine to believe that this website is recommended by many websites and ranking it on top.

But as links are build by ways such as directory submission and comment links, search engine founds it to be fake links and blocks the website in time of 48 hours to 2 weeks.

Thank you for reading my post. I have tried to explain about Search Engine Optimization as much as I can, but if you think I can add more information, please comment below.

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