What is Blogging and How to do it ?

Blogging Definition: The process of writing a blog is called as Blogging and the person writing that blog is called as Blogger.

What is Blogging and How to do it ?

The term blogging came from blog. From the start of the internet some people started creating their blogs to teach other people about their interested topics.

After reading this post you will understand about blogging and how to do blogging easily. Before understanding about blogging, we must know about blog. So first of all we will learn about blog.

What is Blog ?

From the start of internet some people started writing dated web logs. They wrote about their knowledge and interests in that web log.

Slowly slowly many other people started to read those web logs and those web logs became source of knowledge for those people.

These normal people with access to internet became daily readers for those web log and started to call those web log with short name blog.

Definition of Blog: Blog is a website where a bloggers write about their knowledge and interests so that other people will get essential information via internet.

What is Blogging ?

The process of writing a blog is called as Blogging and the person writing that blog is called as Blogger. When blogs became source of knowledge and information for people, it started getting more daily visitors.

After increase in daily visitors, blog owners understood that they can promote any product by showing an advertisement of that product on their blog and earn money. So they started to do promotional marketing on their blog to earn money.

After some time google released their platform named as Google AdSense. This platform acted as mediator between bloggers and advertisers. Advertisers gave advertises on Google Ads and those advertises are shown on bloggers blog with the help of Google AdSense.

Growth of Blogging

When AdSense came it became very easy for bloggers to earn money, because now they didn't have to search for sponsor. Now if a blogger have AdSense approval on his blog, he can show ads easily and earn money by them.

Because of this reason, bloggers only focused on increasing number of visitors of their website and started earning thousands of dollars.

After knowing earning potential of blogging, many other people moved towards blogging and some of them made it their profession.

Now, there are millions of blogs over internet and billions of readers searching for solutions of their problems on internet.

Types of Blogging

1. Micro Niche Blogging: Writing your blog about specific niche only called as micro niche blogging.

2. Multi Niche Blogging: Writing your blog about every or multiple type of niche is called multiniche blogging.

3. Hobby Blogging: Writing your blog about your hobbies and interests is called as hobby blogging.

4. Affiliate Blogging: Writing your blog about such products by which you can earn affiliate income is called as affiliate blogging.

5. Informational Blogging: Providing information about general or specific things comes under informational blogging.

6. Media Blogging: Providing media files such as images, audio files, video files, etc. comes under media blogging.

7. Event Blogging: This is a festival dependent blogging which is done for short period of time (Week - Month). In this type of blogging a blogger makes a blog about specific festival and promote it via sharable links. This blogging type have maximum earning potential in minimum time.

How to do Blogging ?

In this digital era, people rely on internet for information and solutions of their problems. Not every query of them have answers on internet. You can find such queries and write blog about them. By this method your blog will rank on search engines and you can easily do blogging.

What do we Need to Start Blogging ?

1. Computer of Smartphone: You must have computer or smartphone as well as basic understating of internet if you want to do blogging. It is better to have a computer but you do it with smartphone too.

2. Knowledge about something: You also need to have knowledge about some topic, so that you can write about that and give information about that to your blog readers.

3. Good Internet Connection: It is very important for you to have an internet connection in order to start blogging. If you have internet in your smartphone, you can use that too.

If you have all the above 3 things you can start blogging.

Where to Start Blogging ?

1. WordPress: WordPress is the best platform to start a blog. But it needs hosting which can be expensive for some bloggers. But if money is not an issue for you, you should definitely go for WordPress.

2. Blogger: If money is an issue for you and you cannot afford to purchase hosting, you can go with blogger. It is a free platform from google where you can start your blog at free of cost with a subdomain. But if you can purchase only domain name, you can connect it with blogger.

How To Write a Blog ?

Writing Interface

  • Either you make your blog on WordPress or you make it with blogger, in both platform writing a blog is very easy.
  • In both platforms you will get an easy and user friendly interface. This interface will have a task bar on top of writing area, which will help you while writing your blog.
  • By using this task bar you can write your blog as well as you can insert media files as images in your blog.

Way of Writing

  • If you want to write a good blog post, then you must have good knowledge about that topic.
  • Whatever topic you write, you should write it in systematic manner. You should use correct heading, sub heading and bullets in your blog post.
  • You should use infographics or images which will explain your points in graphical manner.
  • Always write a blog post where all the important points are explained correctly so that reader shouldn't have to go to other blogs to read same post.
  • You should use correct keywords in your blog post so that it will be visible on search engine whenever someone search about that keyword on search engine.

How To Do Basic SEO of a Blog?

When you start a new blog, google or other search engines doesn't know about existence of your blog. Even after writing so many blog posts and working so hard, you didn't get visitors to your blog. Because of this you must do basic SEO of your blog or website.

Here is a checklist for basic SEO of your blog:
  • You should write systematic and detailed blog post.
  • Make your blog post easily readable and understandable for a reader.
  • Connect your blog on Google's Search Console.
  • Make profile of your blog on social media such as twitter and Facebook and put your blog link on them.
  • Do interlinking of posts of your blog.
  • Tell your blogger friends to give backlink to your blog.

SEO is very vast and complicated topic, but above checklist will help you to do basic SEO of your blog.

Conclusion: I hope now you know what is blogging and how to do blogging easily. If you have any queries you can ask in comment section given below.

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