How to Create a Free Website With Free TLD

Friends, if you want to know how to create a website for free, then this article is for you. Currently from a business man to an ordinary person, everyone wants to create their own website. Either they want it for their business or they just want to do blogging.

Create a Website For Free

But often they either not able to make a website by themselves or they doesn't want to spend money on a website developer. After reading this article, you will be able to create a website by yourself and for free too.

Introduction To Create a Website For Free

To make a good website you need 6 important things.
  1. Email ID
  2. Domain Name
  3. Hosting Provider
  4. cPanel 
  5. Website builder
  6. SSL certificate

1. Email ID: Email ID is most important for your business. Here we are going to need an Email ID for signing up with various providers and staying connected with their services.

2. Domain Name: Domain Name is a unique web address for your website, where anyone can find your website.

3. Hosting Provider: Hosting Providers can be organizations or small companies which provide you a specific amount of space on their servers. On these servers you can store your website which can be accessed by your website visitors. 

4. cPanel: cPanel is mostly important to manage your website such as editing and updating your website. cPanel provides many features which can be useful for website developers. These features include File Manager, Directory Privacy, Disk Usage, FTP Accounts, FTP Connections, Website Builders, and many more.

5. Website Builders: Website builders are software or websites which allow you to design and build your website easily. Some website builders need a little knowledge of coding and some website builders such as "" and "" can be used by non coders.

6. SSL Certificate: SSL Certificate which is a Secure Socket Layer Certificate is important to protect inputted information of your website visitors such as their ID and Passwords. Website with SSL certificate have a https:// protocol where as website without SSL certificate have a http:// protocol.

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1. Creating a Free Email ID

You may already have an Email ID, but as you are going to create a website you must make a new Official Email ID with similar name of your website. This process will protect your private Email ID from getting unwanted Emails as well.
  1. Signing Up with Gmail
  2. Setting Up Account

1.1. Signing Up with Gmail

There are many Email Providers such as "", "" and "" but for future comfort you must use Just go to or and click on create account.

Sign In To Google

After clicking on create account you will see the information page. Input all your credentials with an official Email ID.

Creating Google Account

After inputting all your credentials click on Next step button. After that you have to verify your mobile number. You can add your official mobile number which you are using for your website.

1.2. Setting up Account

After mobile number verification, you will be redirected to your Gmail account. You can set up your settings and themes as you want.

Setting up Google Account

You can find these options on right side by clicking on a small gear icon.

2. Get Free Website Domain

To get a free website domain name, you have to register on
  1. Checking Domain Availability
  2. Selecting Domain Name
  3. Selecting Time Period
  4. Review and Checkout

2.1. Checking Domain Availability

To check your needed domain availability, just visit to and you will see the following interface.

Checking Freenom Domain Availability

Enter your domain name inside the box and click on "Check Availability".

2.2. Selecting Domain Name

After Checking Availability, a list of available domain names will open and you will see the following interface. 

Note: Do not select domain name with ".tk" extension it is not supported by our hosting provider.

Selecting Free Domain Name

Now, click on "Get it now" to select the domain name you want and then click on "Checkout".

2.3. Selecting Time Period

After checking out you will be redirected to the following page where you have to select a time period for your domain name.

Selecting Domain Registration Time Period

Here you have to select "12 Months @ FREE" and then click on "Continue".

Note: For life time domain name, you have to renew it in between 14 days before expiry for free users.

2.4. Review and Checkout

After selecting a time period, you have to review your domain name and verify your Email address. Verification link will be sent to your Email, click that link and fill the registration form. After filling registration form, you will see a following details form.

Fill Registration Details Form

Fill this form and check the terms and condition box. Check your filled details once again and then click on "Complete Order".

After clicking on "Complete order" you will get your order number and can see the following interface with your domain name on your dashboard.

Domain Registered For Free

Congratulations! You just got a free domain name for life time.

3. Get Free Web Hosting

To get free Hosting, you have to register on
  1. Signing Up on
  2. Connecting Domain Name

3.1. Signing Up on

To sign up on, go to and click on "Sign up Now" button.

Free Unlimited Hosting Signup

After clicking on "Sign up Now" button you will be redirected to the following sign up form.

Register Free Unlimited Hosting

Fill your official Email ID and a strong password for your account, and then click on sign up button. After that you will be redirected to your dashboard as shown below.

Free Unlimited Hosting Dashboard

3.2. Connecting Domain Name

To connect your domain name with your hosting account, click on "NEW ACCOUNT" button on your dashboard. After that you will be redirected to the following page.

Connecting Domain To Hosting

Now in another browser tab, you have to open and login to your freenom account. There you have to click on "Manage Domain" section beside to your domain name column. As shown in the following image.

Manage Domains Dashboard

After clicking on "Manage Domain" section you will be redirected to managing your domain name page. Here you have to click on "Management Tools" and then "Nameservers" as shown in the following image.

Setting Name Servers

After that a nameservers page will appear where you have to select “Use custom nameservers” and change nameservers as:
As shown in the following image, and then click on "Change Nameservers".

Changing Nameservers

After changing name servers go back to your infinityfree browser tab. Here in "New Account" section enter your domain name in "Use your Own Domain" box and click on "CHECK". After that you will be redirected to the following page where you have to enter Account Label and Account Password for your account and click on "CREATE ACCOUNT".

Create Hosting Account

After that you will get a USERNAME and FTP information for your account.

Note: You need to wait for 10 to 15 minutes while your account is being created.

Congratulations! You got a free hosting with unlimited storage space.

4. Get Free cPanel

cPanel is an add-on by, which means you do not have to set up any account to get cPanel. You just have to click on your "USERNAME" in your dashboard.
  1. What is cPanel
  2. Why File Manager
  3. Upload Website in File Manager
  4. Setting Website Index as Home Page

4.1. What is cPanel

cPanel is a Linux based control panel which provides multiple web hosting functions with a user friendly graphical interface. The following image shows general structure of cPanel.

Hosting cPanel

cPanel provides, Databases such as phpMyAdmin, MySQL Databases, Remote MySQL as well as Accounts such as FTP account, Mailing account. It also provides software integrations such as CloudFlare, SEO Tools and Softaculous.

4.2. Why File Manager

File Manager is very useful for website developers who want to upload their website on server.

For example, if you have made your website in html by coding, then you can upload your website on server by using File Manager.

4.3. Upload Website in File Manager

To upload your website using File Manager, you have to click on "Online File Manager" as shown in following image.

Hosting File Manager

After that you will be redirected to File Manager where you will see multiple folders. In between these folders you have to upload your website in "htdocs" folder.

To upload, click on "htdocs" folder and you will be redirected to following interface.

Upload Website

Here you have to click on "Upload" button as shown in image above and you will be redirected to page shown in following image.

Selecting Files to Upload

Here you have to click on “Browse” button and then select files of your website from your computer. After selecting every file you want to upload, click on green right tick mark as shown in image above as “submit” to finish uploading your website.

4.4. Setting Website Index as Home Page

After uploading your website you have to set your home page as you want. Basically it is index page which will help users to navigate every sections of your website.
An index page is a page which will appear whenever anyone search for your domain name. In short it is first page of your website.

For setting index page you have to change access rules for your website. To do that you have to create a file, named as “.htaccess” and put the following code in that file.

Options -Indexes
DirectoryIndex index.php index.html index2.php index2.html

In code above “index.php or index.html” will be name of your index (home) page file, and the name written first will have first priority while loading website. 

In above code “index.php” has first priority and “index.html” is a backup index page as if first index page does not load due to some error, then “index.html” will be loaded.

5. Install Free Website Builder

Website builders are very useful for those who don’t want to make their website by coding.
Website builders provide an easy and user-friendly interface to build your website effortlessly. Here we are going to install mostly used website builder i.e. "WordPress".
  1. Installing WordPress
  2. WordPress Basics

5.1. Installing WordPress

To install WordPress you have to go to cPanel and scroll down to find "Softaculous Apps Installer" as shown in following image.

Selecting App Installer

Here, you have to click on "Softaculous Apps Installer" and you will be redirected to the page as shown in following image.

Installing Free Website Builder

Here, navigate WordPress and click on install button on WordPress tab as shown in above image.
After clicking on install button, you have to fill the form of WordPress by inputting details as "site name", "site description" and account details for login in WordPress by inputting "username, password, and email" as shown in following image.

Filling WordPress Installation Details

After inputting your details, select a desired theme as you want for your website and click on install button as shown in following image. 

Note: Please fill every field very carefully and do not forget to remove "wp" in 3rd box while filling this form.

Start WordPress Installation

After clicking install button, the installation process will be started and it will take approximately 5 minutes to install WordPress for your website.
To login to your WordPress account as admin, you have to go to following link:
Here in above link "domain-name" will be replaced by your website domain name.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed WordPress for your website.

5.2. WordPress Basics

WordPress is a very easy to use website building and managing software which is mostly used by many bloggers to design and maintain their blog.

To start building your website with WordPress, login to your WordPress account as admin. 

After login as admin go to "+New" tab and then "Page" or "Post" tab, to create a new page or a new post as shown in following image.

Creating First WordPress Post

After clicking on "Post", you will be redirected to Create post page. Here you have to add content of your post and create a post. The example of creating a new post is shown in image below.

Writing First WordPress Post

After creating a new post, click on “Publish” button to publish your post and it will be live on your website. Same process will be used to create new pages for your website.

You can customize your website by clicking on "Appearance" and then on "Customize" tab on your dashboard.

The customizer looks like image below, where you can edit every part of your website.

Customizing WordPress Appearance

Congratulations! Now you can create your posts and manage your website with ease.

Note: Here Website with WordPress loads slowly. If you want your website to load faster try to upload your website with the help of File Manager.

Conclusion: Hope this in depth article helped you to create a free website with free website builder and domain. Now you can create free website for your business or for your projects.

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