What is Web hosting? And Type of Hosting

Friends, if you are willing to create a website, you must know what web hosting is. In this article, we will learn all the important things about web hosting.

What is Web hosting? And Type of Hosting

What is Web Hosting?

A website contains lots of data, such as photos, texts, videos, and files, which are combined to form a complete website. In order to access this data from everywhere, it needs to be placed in the storage connected to the internet which is called as a web server.

The companies which provide a storage to place a website on a web server are called as hosting providers, and the service provided by those companies to place, edit and update websites on a web server is called as web hosting.

Web hosting allows us to insert, edit, update and maintain our website on the server.

Why Web Hosting is Required?

It is possible to use our computer as a server and host our website on it, but maintaining it is expensive as well as inefficient.

A web server is connected 24-hour to electricity and the Internet, which makes it possible to access the website hosted on that server anytime and anywhere.

If we use our computer a server, then we have to keep it running and connected to fast internet for 24 hours. Because of this, either our computer will get damaged or it will gen burned due to over-heating.

If you are thinking that you will buy a computer which you can keep running for 24 hours, still maintenance of that computer will cost you more than buying a web hosting. That's why most website developers prefer web hosting.

To give better performance to our website with lessor money and maintenance, web hosting is required.

Types of web hosting

We now know what web hosting is, now let's know about the type of web hosting. While all the websites are kept on the server, but there are 4 main types of web hosting depending on the processing power and storage capacity of the server:
  1. Shared hosting
  2. V.P. Ace Hosting
  3. Dedicated Hosting
  4. Cloud hosting

1. Shared hosting

Types of Hosting: Shared hosting

In shared hosting, a server is assigned to more than one person, which makes this hosting quite affordable. All the web sites are hosted on same server which share the server space.

In this hosting, the processing power of the server is not shared equally, which increases load on every websites on that server if the load on one website on that server is increased.

For example, suppose shared hosting has 10 websites, out of which each website can have a maximum of 10,000 visitors, but one day 1 out of 10 websites gets more than 10,000 visitors and it gets down, then all other 9 websites on that server will be down.

You can understand the working of shared hosting from the above picture.

2. V. P. S. Hosting

Types of Hosting: V. P. S. Hosting

Virtual Private Server in short V. P. S. hosting have multiple small virtual servers which are created inside a server, by which the space and power of the server is shared equally to all virtual servers.

This hosting is slightly more expensive than shared hosting. But in this hosting, if the load on 1 virtual server increases, then there will be no bad effect on rest of the virtual servers.

For example, if the capacity of a virtual hosting is 10,000 visitors a day and 11,000 visitors comes to that website, then only that hosting will be down and that will not affect other virtual servers on that hosting.

You can understand the working of V. P. S. hosting from the above picture.

3. Dedicated Hosting

Types of Hosting: Dedicated Hosting

In dedicated hosting, the hosting provider gives us a complete server and this server contains only our website. This hosting is used by people who need the full capacity of the server, so that their website never gets down or closed.

Dedicated hosting is very expensive, as the entire server is provided to you. The price of this hosting is based on the RAM and processing power of the server, more the RAM and processor more expensive the server will.

You can understand from the above picture how dedicated hosting works.

4. Cloud Hosting

Types of Hosting: Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting uses more than one server, so that the website can get good speed and good quality of server. In cloud hosting, all servers are connected to each other through a interconnected network called as cloud.

In cloud hosting, even if the processing power of the web server is low, after increase in the load on the website it balances the load of the website by using the processing power of the other connected servers on cloud.

That is why cloud hosting is the most effective hosting. As it is the most effective, most powerful and most load-handling web hosting, it is most expensive hosting type in all types. You can see in the above picture how all the servers are forming a cloud server network with each other.

Conclusion: Hope you are satisfied with the information given about web hosting and type of hosting. If you have any question or any suggestions to improve this article, please comment below.

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